Brown Company is an agency group of qualified, experienced sales force of representatives that network to agricultural and veterinary markets on manufacturers' behalf.

Bo Brown Company knows how to combine the sales efforts of professional salesmen with non-conflicting lines to greatly reduce sales costs while increasing sales volume.  Our experience, key account contacts, and proven sales ability makes it possible to produce sales with minimum training and supervision.Integrity is always a priority.  We operate on a minimally-priced commission basis, and pay all of our own expenses. Because of this, quality products with growth potential are vital, and maximum effort is put forth to insure sales.

Introduction to BBC


The Agency Method

Selling through agencies is not for every manufacturer, but  it is an effective method of moving goods and services.  It may well be the method used in whole, or in part - to give your company the cost effectiveness and sales it needs.  Bo Brown Company offers proven effective sales and marketing concepts that keep up with the rapidly changing ways products are being sold today.

Dear Manufacturer,

All members of the Bo Brown Company are 
experienced Animal Health Professionals who 
​understand the  agricultural and veterinary markets.   Our expertise builds sales.   Contact us today to discuss how!


                 Bo Brown